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Cybersecurity literacy building for the youth
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1 February 2023
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The purpose of the project is contributing to social stability of the state under the conditions of war through the cybersecurity literacy building of youth. Project activities included training and educational events on technological solutions to counter disinformation campaigns. The target audience of the project are students specializing in cybersecurity and information technologies from all over Ukraine, aged 18-25, and preference will be given to representatives of the regions of the most active hostilities. The idea of the project appeared as a response to Russian information attacks and disinformation campaigns in Ukraine aimed at spreading false information about the situation on the front line, the actions of the UА Armed Forces, territorial defense units, etc.; inciting social conflicts and shaking the mental state of the people; destabilization of the socio-economic system in the state. Expected project outcomes are (1) the formation of a critical mass of active local youth who will be able to manage ciberattacks ; (2) developing ideas and methods for disseminating tools and technological solutions to counter disinformation campaigns among ukrainian residents; (3) awareness-raising of cibersecurity tools among civic society. Priority themes of the Eastern partnership civil society facility that this fellowship project addresses include (1) mitigating misinformation campaigns about the crisis and about refugees; (2) support to IDPs and refugees to access any relevant information including through civic tech solutions, etc; and (3) advocacy campaigns and actions related to conflict resolution/peace building/etc.
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