Marketing communication in retail

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Integrating marketing and communication strategies for physical or online retail

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Retail is characterized by having close contact with its customers. Whether physical or online retail, this characteristic remains and takes on even greater proportions in the digital environment, since the relationship with the customer needs continuous improvement. And one of the elements that most contribute to the company-client relationship is communication and the advertising strategies associated with it. The purpose of this course is to provide the necessary training, tools and knowledge necessary for the development of advertising communication plans in retail. The course is taught in English and is addressed to professionals in the fields of business, communication and marketing, willing to understand and effectively apply marketing communication strategies based on knowledge and research of the market and customer perceptions.

This online course will be presented for three weeks, twice a week, with 1 hour each class. At the end of each class, students will work in group to discuss case studies and solve exercises on each topic of the class, and at the end of the course, each student will present a communication plan for a retail company chosen at the student's discretion.

1. Advertising, integrated brand promotion and consumer behavior; 2. marketing research, its process, evaluation and productivity; 3. Identification of market segments and selection of target markets, bases for consumer markets’ segmentation, bases for organizational segmentation and selection of target market; 4. Creation of brand equity, concepts, models, construction, measurement and management of brand equity and planning a branding strategy; 5. Definition of the product strategy, characteristics and classification of products, design, relationships between products and brands; 6. Creating long-term relationships based on loyalty.
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